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Restaurant owners's happiness after using DoLA POS / 餐廳經理和老闆認爲DoLA POS很好用

​“DoLA transforms our restaurants to something we can never imagine“

 One thing we always believe is that winter will pass, and a new fresh start will follow.  
DoLA provides the most customized functions required to meet your daily restaurant business needs and revolutionary changes into our traditional food industry.

You can always find a right solution.

We have developed POS solutions for different types of restaurants.

Full Service Retaurant Using DoLA POS/ 全服務式餐廳使用DoLA POS

Full Service

Deliver amazing guest experiences, speed up table turnover and increase your revenue 

With the help of the full POS technology suite, you can improve guest experience, expedite table turn time, and sync the front and back of the house with any new orders and requests. In addition, it’s easy to track trends and popular selections with advanced dining analytics, so you can learn detailed insights about your business performance and how to do everything better

Fast Casual

Engaged digital experiences that will turn every guest into a regular customer

With an easy and intuitive POS system, you can reduce staff training time. We make your order process easier with a touchscreen terminal. Your guests can place orders and check out by themselves without additional in-store equipments

Fast Casual Retaurant Using DoLA POS/ 休閑餐廳使用DoLA POS
Food Court Using DoLA POS / 美食廣場使用DoLA POS

Food Court

Keep your sales smooth and your guests well-fed

Getting the POS system that does it all for all counter service spots can be challenging but essential. Contactless transactions will save manpower, and more importantly, keep everyone healthy in a crowded environment. Online ordering and easy mobility will avoid crowd queuing. With the help of DoLA, you can easily delight your guests from ordering to pickup


Street Food

A comprehensive designed platform to increase throughput in high-volume environments

With the help of our POS solutions built for high-volume restaurants like yours, you can’t imagine how easy it will be to improve efficiency and build a loyal customer base. Volume is the most important thing for your type of restaurant. Our management system can free your hand to deal with customer-facing tasks like order placing or payment handling, so you can just focus to make the most delicious food for your customers

Street Food Retaurant Using DoLA POS/ 街頭小食餐廳使用DoLA POS


Cost Saving

Benefits of Using DoLA

You will experience a significant improvement in your restaurants business by using DoLA POS



Operational Efficiency Improvement



Human Errors Reduction

How DoLA platform works

Our Solutions

In the DoLA functions family, you can personalize and select solution packages that only fit for you.

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QR code to place order and checkout

Featured in digital-menu, your customers are able to scan the QR code with all common scanning applications to place and modify their orders and to checkout at any time without others‘ help.


Queuing management

An exclusive QR code will provide to you for your customers to queue both online and in-store. Customers are able to check the real time line status at anywhere and anytime. 

Restaurant management

No matter you have one location or multiple locations, you can always check all sales information through your own devices. You are also able to build seamless customer experiences with our secure and scalable platform. 


Perfect real-time integration

Our seamless integration between server end & customer end will update all your staff on the status of all new orders so you won't miss and be prepared with any coming businesses and customers. 


Digitalize your operating flow

With all-in-one DoLA POS Solutions, you are able to seize future restaurant operating mode.

Server Processes Orders Through DoLA POS
Customer Places Orders Through His Mobile Phone
Customer Makes Payment Through Her Mobile Phone
Customers Enjoy Great Food 
Manger Checks Business Through DoLA System

Get hardwares at the factory price.

We have helped you negotiated with POS hardware manufacturers so you can enjoy the most latest versions of hardware but the cheapest price that you can never find anywhere else.


And you can definitely use your current devices as long as they reach minimum system requirements.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Start to use DoLA now.

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Our Recognitions

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Full support for your F&B business

We're here to help you get started or consult on any questions about our solutions from day one.

Restaurant POS Free Onboarding / 餐廳POS免費試用

Free Onboarding

Choosing a new operating system can be challenging and risky. With that in mind, we will give you free onboarding opportunities including hardware and software for a certain time period. All system costs are waived during the trial period.

POS Integrates with payment gateway / POS系統與支付系統互通

Payment Integration

Whether your customers want to pay in person or online, we can help you take payments quickly and securely. We're partnering with reliable payment companies providing major payment methods to you. 

POS Excellent After-Sale Services / 優秀的POS售後服務

After-Sale Services

We are your partners, not vendors. It's our responsibility to go beyond when it comes to POS customer service. We will always be here to help you with full system set-up, network configuration, software updates, in-person training, and go-live help. 

Restaurant POS Free Demo / 餐廳POS免費演示

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